Use of anti-biotics has to decline

Mastitis is not only genetics, management has an important influence. Box-bedding, milksystems and a hygienic enviroment are crucial factors for low cellcount.

Table 1. Results found in the California, USA

  HF G1: MON x HF G2: VR x HF
Lact. 1 83.000 68.000 72.000
Lact. 2 90.000 86.000 88.000
Lact. 3 116.000 102.000 108.000
Lact. 4 148.000 118.000 139.000
Lact. 5 203.000 133.000 164.000


Results in France

In France data is collected from the national milkrecording organisation.

Table 2. The number of dairies in France with SCC problems

Montéliarde Holstein Brown Swiss Normand Jersey
5,0% 5,8% 7,9% 8,5% 13,3%


Results in Holland

In Holland breeding values of popular dairybreeds are published by GES. Since all red dairybreeds are published on the Red Holstein genetic basis it is very easy to compare genetic levels of populations. For udder health the following breeding values were published in August 2013.

You have to realise yourselve that these breeding values have been corrected for the positive effects of heterosis. Result mesured on cow level are therfore even better.

Talbe 3.  BV Udder Health

  Holstein Montbéliarde VikingRed
BV Udder Health 100 +105 +105