Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction

Cows that produce milk easier and more efficient do not only make more money. ProCROSS results show less incidents, easier calvings, less treathments, less medicin use etc. This gives less stress for the herd owner and his employees. Your free time hours will be more enjoyalbe. Live will get easier. Not only your bankers but also your relatives love ProCROSSing.

​"With our ProCROSS cows we experienced cutting 50% down mastitis, placenta retention, twisted stomach, feet diseases and stillbirth" - La Corte Herd, Italy, Manager Carmelo Monteleone.

"Once you get the ProCROSS cow it will be the best cow you ever milked" - ProCross pioneer, Mike Osmundson.

“If you want to make money in the global genetic business, you have to be up front in the Holstein genomic race. But in commercial dairy production the Holsteins can not compete with ProCROSS cows”.

“The ProCROSS heifers are easy to manage. They are trouble-free and their tolerance to our extreme weather conditions is good” Ben Andersen, Idaho, USA

“What I really like about the ProCROSSes is the tremendous feet & legs. They have super locomotion and much less lameless".

“Everything regarding mastitis, somatic cells, still born, cull rate, have improved with crossbreeding”.

“A few minutes after birth, the calves search avidly for the mothers udders to suck, which the Holsteins rarely do. The crossbred calves are much more vigorous. When we enter in the calves stable we notice that they are the ones that run and jump more, and above all, they are the ones that are in better body condition” - Alexandre Arriaga, Sabugo, Portugal.

"Crossbreeding really gave us a big advantage"  Kurt Hoeksta, Oakdale, California, USA.

"The results of my ProCROSS cows realy suprised me. More milk, better fertility, lower SCC and cows that have fewer problems to attend to. ProCROSS improved our quality of life" - Anton Verschuren, Oploo, the Netherlands.

“Last year we got 90 percent of our springmating herd in calf in 10 weeks thanks to hybrid vigor in our crossbred cows” - Mike Green, Australia.