März 23, 2021

Welcome to Amy Hazel Loeschke, Ph.D, our new ProCROSS recruit!

A new recruit has joined the ProCROSS team! B.S. in Animal Science & Minor Researcher at the University of Minnesota for 12 years Background in the […]
März 23, 2021

Press Release : New report confirms crossbred dairy cattle improve fertility without compromising production

A growing body of evidence is demonstrating that crossbred cattle are significantly more fertile than the pure Holstein. Their improved fertility has been shown to be achieved without any compromise to their milk production.
März 23, 2021

Press Release : Lower vet costs and fewer stillbirths in ProCROSS dairy cattle

A new report published this month has revealed that crossbred dairy cattle incur significantly lower veterinary and pharmaceutical costs and lower rates of stillbirth than the pure Holstein. The findings were published in the prestigious Journal of Dairy Science (103:10917–10939, November 2020) and follow a succession of similar reports which have demonstrated that crossbred cattle have numerous other health and economic attributes compared with the purebred Holstein.
Januar 22, 2021

kostenlosen ProCROSS-Webinar teil

kostenlosen ProCROSS-Webinar teil Lernen Sie mehr über ProCROSS Das effizienteste Kreuzungszuchtkonzept Nehmen Sie hier am Webinar teil Lernen Sie mehr über ProCROSS: Das effizienteste Kreuzungszuchtkonzept  Nehmen […]