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Coopex Montbeliarde is based in France, Viking Genetics in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Both breeding coops use all the latest techniques such as genomic selection and production of sexed semen, with the emphasis of selecting for economic traits.

"Economically compatible breeds is a must in a successful crossbreeding,
an efficient breeding program in the pure breeds is a guarantee for that.
Viking Genetics runs the largest and most successful breeding programs among red breeds, focusing on total profit, by including health, fertility and calving ease along with production".

Sara Wilkert Petersson, General Manager, Viking Genetics Internatiol

"Coopex Montbeliarde is the world most developed selection program for Montbeliarde breed, the fastest growing dairy breed in Europe, gaining popularity for its high protein production, fertility and robustness. Coopex Montbeliarde and its breeding program Umotest gather more than 15.000 Montbeliarde breeders, devoted to genetics improvement through the use of elite Montbeliarde sires, with the aim of adapting both pasture and intensive dairy systems."

Tristan Gaiffe, CEO, Coopex Montbeliarde

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