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+10pts Conception Rate -26% Health Treatment Costs +14% Cull Value +8% Feed Efficiency +147 days of production +33% Lifetime Profit +9% Daily Profit

3 Breeds


Easy calving, Longevity, Health

Montbeliarde by Coopex

Strength, Fertility, Adaptability


Production, Medium size, Solids

Discover the reason why ProCROSS is the most efficient cross breeding system for dairy cows: VikingRed, Montbeliarde by Coopex & Holstein.



Ola Gård – A pioneer organic farm in Sweden

Ola Gård is an organic dairy farm and meat producer outside Uppsala, Sweden. Thirty years ago, Lasse started thinking about crossbreeding his cows. The idea was confirmed at the Dairy Farm Days 2012, during a talk on ProCROSS. For Lasse and Sölvi, ProCROSS has been a mainstay of their herd since that day.

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Gert Lassen

Feed efficient cows power Ellinglund Organic Farm in Denmark

Feed is the biggest cost you have on a farm. We are always looking for savings. If you can save just one percentage every day; that is a lot of money,” Lassen says. “We know our cows do their job, they stay healthy and productive, they eat and produce at their best,” he adds.

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