Scientifically proven

+10pts Conception Rate -26% Health Treatment Costs +16% Cull Value +8% Feed Efficiency +147 days of production +33% Lifetime Profit +9% Daily Profit

3 Breeds


Easy calving, Longevity, Health

Montbeliarde by Coopex

Strength, Fertility, Adaptability


Production, Medium size, Solids

Discover the reason why ProCROSS is the most efficient cross breeding system for dairy cows: VikingRed, Montbeliarde by Coopex & Holstein.



Rista Gård, Sweden

“For those who are not sure if ProCROSS crossbreds are suitable cows for robotic milking, I would tell them that today our cows have a milk flow of 3 liters/minute, which is higher than average!”

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GAEC de Kergoat, France

Gaec de Kergoat is organic since 2 years and has applied ProCROSS crossbreeding for 10 years. The management of the herd combines economic efficiency & healthy cows.

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