The Three-Way crossbreeding system

The ProCROSS system uses 3 breeds:

  • Holstein, normally the cow to start with,
  • VikingRed, breeding programme that combines the three breeds – Finnish Ayrshire, Swedish Red and Danish Red.”
  • Montbeliarde from Coopex, the breed from the mountain areas in France.

Starting ProCROSS will first give you F1 cows. We call them G1. (G stands for Generation).

The combination of the three dairy breeds together with a strict mating plan, guarantees optimal heterosis.

The qualities of the three breeds have been demonstrated to complement each other. The increase in production is explained by the heterosis effect – a benefit which increases as the ProCROSS cow matures.

It all starts with a Holstein cow. She is mated with a Coopex Montbéliarde bull. The heifer resulting from the mating (the first generation, also called G1) will be inseminated with a VikingRed bull. From there, the G2 heifer will be inseminated with a VikingHolstein bull to produce the G3. The rotational system is then almost complete. All that needs to be done then is to continue with this mating plan to maintain the optimal level of heterosis. Applying this plan consistently achieves better results. ProCROSS planning is shown step by step below. After three generations you will have a homogeneous herd.

Example first step


Inseminate all your Holstein cows with Montbeliarde from Coopex bulls.


Inseminate all your Holstein heifers with VikingRed bulls.


Inseminate the first generation (G1) animals with the missing breed.

For example: if the G1 heifer is HF x MON, inseminate her with a VR bull.