Updated ProCROSS Ranking (PCR) for April 2017 proofs

To help dairy farmers select the best fitting A.I. bulls for their ProCROSS rotation program, the ProCROSS team has developed a new and userfriendly tool:  ProCROSS Ranking (called PCR). PCR is a practical selection tool that reranks bulls from their original pure breeding goal, ISU from France and NTM from Denmark, Finland and Sweden. PCR will help ProCROSS dairy farmers around the globe to make bull selection easier for their crossbreeding program.

PCR Overall breeding goal:
Breed an average-sized, long-lasting and high producing cow requiring less labor and veterinarian support.

PCR Solids & PCR Liquid
Due to variations in local milk payment policies, ProCROSS offers two options to choose between: Focusing on bulls transmitting higher quantity of protein and fat.Focusing on bulls transmitting higher volume of liquid milk.