Feed efficiency

ProCross cows have better feed efficiency

Trial at the Oppio farms in Italy. Mr. Saverio Bacchelli:

"When we started our trial with housed our Holsteins and our ProCROSS cows in the two identical barns of 160 cows each. We fed them exactly the same as we normally did whilst they were still mixed. Per 160 cows we gave 180 portions. We soon realized that we could lower the number of portions given to the crossbreds. Week after week we came closer to 160 portions for the crossbreds, while the Holsteins were still at 180 portions".

The good thing is: the milk production of crossbreds did not change in the meantime, so we had the first proof that we tend to overfeed crossbreds, because all the feeding methodology has been studied for Holsteins - cows with a higher peak of lactation indeed, but with energy balance normally negative.

Crossbreds are totally different. They seem to have much better ability in converting forage into milk. But what does this mean economically? It’s an easy answer. In the OPPIO Farm the pure cost for feeding one cow is 5.83 Euro per day.

Nearly €40,000 less feed costs per year… how does this sound for you? And this saving does not cost any specific investment; you just need to change the breed you are inseminating your cows with.

We think that feed efficiency will be one of the topics in future studies on crossbreeding. We know that it is already being further investigated in the new crossbreeding trial done by University of Minnesota, USA. We just want to bring our small brick to this new building.

Feed costs 

Day cost



Difference Euro



€ 5.83







€ 933,-

€ 1,049,-

€ 117,-






€ 816,-






€ 3,265,-






€ 39.178,-